DJ Igoris (Saburov)

Igoris has said that he loves all tango music. At milongas he prefers to play music of the Golden Era, although he is not categorical and tries to feel the interest of the dancing people.

Igoris has been DJ'ing in the towns of Lithuania and Latvia. He opened the fifth Tango Fiesta in Vilnius, closed the first Riga Tango Marathon, played at Tango salon Alyvinė milonga Le Gout (Lithuania), Milonga Bistrampolio dvare (Lithuania), Nida tango retreat 2013 (Lithuania), closed the 6th Vilnius Tango Fiesta (Lithuania), played at the 3-year anniversary milonga in “Balta Pirts” (White Bathhouse) in Riga, closed the 2nd Riga Tango Marathon. Further, Igoris was selected by tango communities of major cities for DJ'ing at the Milonga Gardel - the annual event of the Tango Community of Lithuania. He has also played at Gardelinė milonga 2013 (Lithuania), Winter Tango Marathon 2013 in Vilnius - EXTRA MILONGA, Vintage Grand Milonga 2013 in Latvia, LITHUANIA’S INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION MILONGA - 2014 in Latvia, Big milonga Alexsandra dedicated to the occasion of the arrival of the teachers from Portugal in Vilnius – 2014.03.15.