DJ Kaia (Hüva)

Kaia has her dance and music background from her childhood: she was actively doing ballroom dances and attended Children's Music School for eight (8) years.

She had her first Argentine tango class in 2007 and just some months later her life brought her to Buenos Aires. She totally fell in love with tango and during the years it has become a deeper and deeper attachment that brings her repeatedly to Argentina.

Nowadays the Estonian tango community has grown considerably and there is a vivid tango life in Tallinn. However, it was only in the same year 2007 that the at that time tiny Estonian tango community started to organise first milongas and workshops with teachers from abroad. 

Kaia started to DJ very naturally and it was a pleasure for her – there was a need for someone to select and play music at different tango events, so she used her common sense and started. Later she discovered many details about how to evolve as a DJ.

Kaia regularly plays as a DJ at different milongas. Since 2011 she has been a regular and welcomed DJ at the international tango festival Tango Port Tallinn. She has also played music at the “Sacre Milonga” in Paris and Tango Sun Festival in Jurmala, Latvia.

Kaia: “At a milonga it is important for me to create the ambience of harmony, beauty and peace so that milongueros could find harmony, beauty and peace in themselves and in the communication with other people. Sometimes the way to peace goes through drama and different self-expression. During every tanda there is a possibility that somebody gets deeply moved and becomes a more loving person. I like this thought. It is a great pleasure. At milongas I love to play danceable tangos of the Golden Era, also tangos from earlier and later times, but sometimes I also use shortcuts to contemporary tango orquestras and tango nuevo.