DJ Kaja Keil

Kaja is a tango dancer, teacher and DJ. She has been dancing since childhood, mainly different folk dances. Even while working on other professions, dancing has always remained her passion.

Kaja started learning Argentinian tango naturally and spontaneously while living in Buenos Aires for a longer period of time, where she found herself suddenly in the era of ladies and gentlemen of the 20s/30s – a period where her soul always seemed to belong.

Kaja thinks of herself mainly as a social tango dancer, but from time to time, she has been known to share her ideas by giving both social tango and tango therapy lessons. Kaja has never taught her students just how to dance, she has always tried to convey the essence of tango, as well as the cultural aspects behind movements. Her method can be described as “pure simplicity”, where the main focus stays on the connection of two people and the music.

For the last eight years Kaja has been organising classical, jazz and tango concerts in Estonia and Germany. She has numerous contacts with many Argentinian musicians who have deepened her understanding and knowledge of tango music and history.

As a tango DJ, Kaja always trusts her inner voice and tries to create a particular and special atmosphere for every single milonga, considering the mood of the dancers at the pista at a given moment in time. She also carefully selects her cortinas, which have to support the whole structure of the evening. Her favourite orchestras keep changing, but Kaja always favours the classical build-up of a milonga, starting from simple rhythms with good energy and reaching to the dramatic and melancholic moments, thus leading the dancers through a kaleidoscope of emotions throughout the evening.